The digital resource and the gamification for the training of young people focused on the occupational safety and health’s at work


The digital skills are fundamental to make adequate use of the digital services of the public administration and to access to the world of work. In learning contexts, it is therefore important to increase the use of digital technologies in order to improve learning processes and to develop new skills. Gamification, through fun, can in fact increase the motivation, the involvement and the collaboration between students reducing the social-cultural gap in education, putting them in the position of implementing a peer-to-peer learning. In the paths for transversal skills and orientation, the students are considered like workers and therefore they must receive adequate information and training on health and safety at work. This process can also be supported through the use of digital tools such as video games. These methods allow the student not to be excluded from the preventive measures of the health and safety at work by directing him towards self-protection.