The End of an educational project as an opportunity. Arto-graphics and Reflective practices for resilient evaluation


Often the end of a project manifests itself in the form of an evaluation. Where there is no learning to be certified, it takes the form of a satisfaction questionnaire or a final discussion. By presenting a thematization on evaluation in schools, starting from the perspective of general  and social pedagogy, we think on school as a place of formal learning but also a home for holistic development interventions. The end of an educational project can be experienced as "violence" or as an opportunity for transformation and empowerment. Over this ford there are fields of experience in which it is possible to reflect on what ends, in training and in life, transforming every experience of dissolution into a transformation of oneself, adopting pre-reflective art-graphic practices oriented towards empowerment and resilience as can be seen from the case example of an educational project against gender violence presented in this paper.