The implementation of the Pei in an ICF-CY key. Effective training itineraries for a laboratory of Pedagogy and Didactics of inclusion

This contribution is part of the study and research trajectories launched by the European Agency for Development in Special Needs Education, Teacher education for inclusion – International Literature Review (2012) and aims to highlight how the ICF-CY (World Health Organization 2001), based on the bio-psycho-social model (WHO 2007), if used in the context of university teaching, allows for concrete and operational pedagogical-educational refractions in the school context where the student is 'understood' in his overall functioning . The contribution presents an exploratory investigation on representations (Perla 2010; Perla, Agrati 2018) conducted with the students of the fifth year of Primary Education Sciences of the University of Bari, in the academic year 2022/23 within the Laboratory of Didactics and Pedagogy of inclusion concerning the knowledge of the ICF and the construction of the PEI in the ICF-CY key (Chiaro 2013; Ianes, Cramerotti, Scapin, 2019). The survey aims to highlight students' representations of the competence to use the ICF, before and after specific training, highlighting the critical issues in using the tool if not perfectly understood and mastered. The work intends to offer starting points for a first reflection on the initial training models to be designed in the university context in order to make the training itineraries for a Pei in the ICF-CY key clear and sustainable.