The inclusion of DSA in Universities. State of the art and future perspectives


The relevant increase in the number of female and male students with DSA enrolled in recent years has placed new demands on university teaching. The latter, is in fact, requested to increase its capacity to include, placing the person's potential at the centre of its pedagogical-didactic planning, for which suitable conditions for development must be created. A critical reading of what exists is an essential condition for orienting both pedagogical thinking and political action in an inclusive perspective. This essay has the purposes of making a survey of the knowledge that students with DSA have about the services offered by the university course they have joined and their perception about said services versus what said services offer as a key element to build their learning and to respond to their participation needs in academic life. The comparison with the results of similar studies conducted in various Italian universities aims to set up all possible in-depth investigations in order to identify scenarios for the development of tutoring services and inclusive policies.