Actions for the survey and the analysis of inclusive, agentive and participatory practices. The RiPIAC tool


The paper offers reflections on the survey and analysis of inclusive, agentive and participatory practices at school. In this sense, the RiPIAC tool is presented, which was developed and tested within the framework of the doctoral research Figure system mediators crucial to inclusive processes at school. The aim of the tool is to further implement, in the scientific and scholastic community, the range of tools capable of investigating, in the perspective of self-analysis, the inclusive processes in the context of the elaboration of self-evaluation and self-improvement procedures that school institutions are called upon to carry out. Specifically, the RiPIAC can be used to explore and analyse, from an inclusive perspective, the agency (Calvert, 2016) and co-participation of school leaders and teachers with the aim of improving inclusive culture, practices and policies against the background of the social model developed by Tony Booth and Mel Ainscow (Booth & Ainscow, 2014) and the professional development and learning processes.