App Digital Education Mixed Approach and didactic sperimentation in pre-school


The main objective of the paper is to illustrate the theoretical and methodological construction of an experimental " app digital education " in some schools of the Municipality of Rome, with special attention to the analysis of the effects of the insertion of the digital input in teaching kindergarten. In the socio-psychological perspective, the kindergarten is infact an important place of observation and analysis of the formation and development of capabilities of the children, (Nussbaum, 2001), as the plasticity of the child's thinking began to take shape already in age preschool and evolves progressively taking into account the constraints of perception, socio-cultural and behavioral emerging in the various educational agencies (Piaget, 1970). The paper, which refers to the research project still in progress "Media Usage in Pre-school. Analysis and Evaluation of the Influence of Technology on the Socialization of Children between 0-6 " by Observatory "Mediamonitor Minori" (Sapienza – University of Rome), retraces the steps of the research strategy designed to observe changes in the attitudes and behavior of children in school, following the implementation in 4 case studies of an experimental protocol (Campbell, 1969) of " app digital education".