Blended Learning in university education: from the analysis of teachers needs to the design of courses

This paper aims to present an ongoing experimentation in the University of Bari to the propotyping of blended learning training models in the university context. The current academic scenarios, in fact, are characterized by a particular attention to the methods of delivery and use of the training in line with social and cultural changes (Limone, 2012; Oduma et al., 2019). This is an innovative thrust that poses two fundamental demands: designing the training and supporting the professionalism of the university teacher in the field of pedagogical and digital skills. In this sense, in this article we report the data collected in the first project phase, relating to the analysis of the training needs of the teachers involved in the research. The latter, finally, is part of a wider Horizon Seeds program, which aims to experiment blended learning models, following the methodological approach of Design-Based Research (The Design-Based Research Collective, 2003).