Co-teaching and video production-based workshop as drivers for meaningful learning


Video production-based learning is widely recognised as a powerful strategy to engage students in meaningful learning in terms of disciplinary outcomes (Sablić et al., 2021), motivation (Carmichael et al., 2018) and collaborative skills (Hung, 2004). The aim of the present study is to describe the impact of a co-designed and co-taught hands-on workshop, within the courses of Educational Technology and Intercultural Pedagogy, on students attending the university degree course for social educators. Digital production was meant as both the input and the means to foster: (1) meaningful learning opportunities in both digital/media literacy and intercultural core concepts in education; (2) collaborative and peer support strategies; and (3) intrinsic motivation in the creative process of the video artefact. Reflections on the efficacy of the experience are based on data collected through classroom observations, a final questionnaire, and open feedback that students shared in a collective presentation of their group work.