Cyborg genealogy: the construction of the cyborg educational imaginary between medicine, engineering and pop culture


Within a few years, the word cyborg has extended its presence beyond the boundaries of scientific research and coming to invade the collective imagination: precisely, it indicates interventions on the human being that have as a result the thread and ontogenetic change of the human being through the grafting of technologies into his psychobiological structure attacking his identity and indicating an existence that is no longer only human. The contribution treats the cyborg as one of the most powerful ideals present in today's educational imagination. Through the resources of critical pedagogy, demonstrating the stratified contributions of medicine, engineering and pop culture, the article intends to provide a genealogy of the cyborg as a collective imagination, specifying what is to be understood by cyborg, what are its distinctive elements and its qualities, and through devices of imaginal pedagogy tries to conceive the cyborg as an artifact and symbolic archetype and to evaluate its educational meanings.