Posthumanism and transhumanism: convergent technologies and the cyborg educational imaginary


The cyborg has looked like a chimeric dream for a long time. Nowadays, the systematic development and application of convergent technological projects have made it possible to develop. Each technological evolution then walks hand in hand with the cultural self-understanding of a certain historical era: cyborgs, technology and culture are closely interdependent. The cyborg has become the bearer of the desires and dreams of the postmodern man. The contrast between "biological" and "artificial" is overcome in the encounter and fusion between man and technology. This is a powerful ideal that runs through all of the Western culture. In order to give an idea of the environment in which technology takes value and meaning and in which its cyborg application is nourished and takes place today, the contribution intends to systematically deepen the posthumanistic and transhumanistic culture, and the set of desires and expectations that form a possible educational imagery of the contemporary subject.