Data visualization techniques and tools for disseminating Italian students' learning achievements in a smart and innovative way: the INVALSIopen experience

With the pandemic period, the generation of data has grown exponentially and in order to ensure that it can be accessed and read by citizens and future generations, new communication methods are emerging, which are immediate and easy to interpret, without the need for specialised skills. Through the typical techniques and tools of data visualization, statistical data can be transformed into a smart and innovative graphic format. It simplifies information, promotes understanding and communicates students’ achievements in INVALSI tests. In that way, INVALSIopen website was created to offer an information service according to the topics of scientific dissemination communication. At the same time, it could be a prototype experience to understand the behavior of the various school stakeholders to have an open access information by data visualization and favorite the use of students’ achievements data by policy and citizens.