Educate to media: starting from childhood, between family and 0-6 educational services


Epochal change that we are going through sees, among other things, the progressive and widespread diffusion of digital technology, the presence – increasingly pervasive – of mobile and touch devices made accessible also to pre-school boys and girls. More and more often, small hands and small eyes juggle between tablets and smartphones, between screens, apps and multimedia products of various kinds and “finger reach”, so much so that, assiduously, we talk, no longer and not only about digital natives, but screen generation. This situation calls into question the first and main systems of education and training – that is, family and educational services 0-6 – by asking new questions in the face of originals and emerging needs. In this scenario, the contribution aims to reflect on media education, starting from the contexts mentioned above, and propose possible starting points for a more conscious and creative use of the same.