#Edusocialsalute: A Health Prevention Project on Instagram in Favour of Preadolescent Accounts and Bodies


The increase in social networking accounts among the young people of the Alpha generation draws the attention of educational institutions on the possible online misinformation on health prevention topics. It is well known by now how social networks can contribute to the identity construction of preadolescents, but it is equally well known how difficult it is to recognise in these environments a pedagogical potential capable of developing health-promoting activities for them. This contribution aims to investigate how and to what extent it is possible to realise media-educational contents that talk about bodies, physical, mental and social health on Instagram. The following netnography research was conducted on 99 students aged 13 years, belonging to the secondary schools involved in the #edusocialhealth project, in order to derive illustrative results on how to create posts that are functional to the bio-psycho-social well-being of young people.