Exploring the Montessori method in university courses. Active teaching and experiential learning to rediscover the value of the educational relationship


The multimedia nature of today’s expressive contexts and communicative languages has changed learning environments and youth training needs, dematerializing relational experiences. In May 2023, two professors from the SFBCT Department of the University of Macerata offered, to their students, a mixed-method approach training in the Montessori method, i.e., consisting of a seminar day, a workshop day and an educational outing. The qualitative analysis of the feedback returned by the participants, conducted in the hermeneutic framework of citical pedagogy, revealed the high level of appreciation and the request to encourage new training proposals declined on the methodological level of experiential community learning. In fact, this was particularly appreciated as an opportunity for in-depth study of Montessori pedagogy, also from a meta-reflexive perspective, socialization of newly humanized knowledge gained and relationships experienced.