Fascist schooling and education in the Ionian Land

Education and schooling represented for fascism, through indoctrination, one of the privileged strategies for obtaining the consent and mobilization of the entire Italian population, which was somehow brought to homologation with the prevailing principles and ideologies. But fascism cannot only be remembered as a kind of disease, a dark and incurable evil in the history of Risorgimento Italy, as there is much more and that historiography is trying to bring to light. This article intends to make, through careful historiographical research, a factual contribution to the knowledge of the Fascist educational phenomenon through an investigation circumscribed to a delimited context, that of the Ionian province, in the conviction that the choice of such a microcosm can help to better explain the educational actions desired by the Regime and at the same time can help to better attest to their pervasiveness in the context examined.