Gender-sensitive language: one step to ensuring equality and inclusiveness


Culture, education, a correct language are elements to be able to guarantee a system of equal opportunities and inclusion of all. Men and women, Italian and non-Italian, high-functioning students and people with disabilities, all belonging to a world that must be increasingly welcoming and inclusive. It is necessary today to respect the rights of all and to commit ourselves to forming new generations that are ever more attentive to the other. In the Ethiopian context, the Italian State School of Addis Ababa together with the Development Cooperation Agency are promoting a process of awareness towards the culture of inclusion and equal opportunities. The Ethiopian community is making an important growth journey also passing from the recognition of the right to equal opportunities and there is no doubt that the main path is that of education and culture. The ambite involves the Italian school and its students to whom, through workshops, seminars and acting activities, we have tried to pass on the concepts of respect for equal opportunities, the use of correct language to then arrive at a framework of integration and acceptance of the other. A series of questionnaires will help verify the impact that these training courses can have on this process.