Humanoid Robotics: a teaching/learning challenge


Humanoid robotics will help us to live better (Cingolani, 2018): human-like robots able to interact with their surroundings are no longer science fiction, but they can be purchased by e-commerce platforms. Dealing with the new evolutionary paradigm based on artificial intelligence and machine learning is a challenge that every education system must take up. A humanoid robot ad school can be considered a generator of innovation in teaching and learning: in this paper we describe a teaching experience with humanoid robot Nao in a Scientific High School with Italian Croce Rossa. The aim is to investigate how to introduce the artificial intelligence in school curriculum. Using humanoid robotics in teaching practices facilitates creative dynamics, that is distinctive of divergent thinking. So, within a conscious learning design, Nao becomes a tool useful to mediate through know-how and know-how-to-be.

Michele Baldassarre, Paola Lisimberti, Valeria Tamborra

  • Michele Baldassarre è professore associato, Paola Lisimberti è dottoranda di ricerca, Valeria Tamborra è assegnista di ricerca
  • Università di Bari "Aldo Moro" e Università di Foggia