ICF a scuola: applicazione e sperimentazione del modello PEI-ICF UniSalento


In order to guide the teachers in the dialogue with the bio-psycho-social perspective in articulated training planning for the benefit of the pupil with disabilities, the working group of the Center on New Technologies for Disability and Inclusion (CNTHI) of the University of Salento, in June 2020, started a research and training path on individualized educational planning in an ICF key, the outcome of which is represented by the formalization and subsequent experimentation of a PEI-ICF model. The paper will describe the development and testing phases of the model, as well as the monitoring actions that led to the drafting, by 38 schools, of 40 projects on an ICF basis. On the basis of the monitoring conducted at the schools, the study envisaged a periodic adjustment process that made it possible to record the critical considerations on the strengths and weaknesses of the model and the related planning plan implemented.