Intelligence and creative skills in students SLD. An experimental research


This research seeks to explore the relationship between intelligence and creative skills or creative thinking in students with SLD.  The research wants to demonstrate if there is a relation between intelligence and the dimensions of thinking creative (Fluidity, Originality, Flexibility and Elaboration) up to a certain extent of intelligence; above this level the creative skills and intelligence become independent. The sample examined consists of 800 students aged between 8 and 11. The tools used are: 1) Progressive Matrices model PM 47 colors (in classes III of elementary school) and PM 38 (in classes IV and V of elementary school) for the measurement of Intelligence. 2) A figural model of Torrance Test of Creative Thinking di Torrance for the measurement of levels of creativity in students with SLD. 3) The results are different considering the age and the dimensions examined (Fluidity, Originality, Flexibility and Elaboration).