Practices for adaptive teaching in STEAM disciplines: the Project T.E.S.T.

The overcoming of the Covid-19 pandemic elicited to rethink didactic models of STEAM  teaching towards the construction of methodological repertories learner-centered and inquiry-based, useful to emphasize learning through experience in highly technological contexts. Against this backdrop, the article presents the results of the first qualitative-exploratory step of the two-year research project T.E.S.T. - Technologies for STEAM Teaching . It outlines the project's methodological framework, which enabled the construction of a methodological repertoire for adaptive and accessible teaching in STEAM, currently being tested in the eight project partner universities . The focus is on the formalization of the characteristics of the emerging profile of the adaptive teacher in Higher Education and on the design dimensions of the adaptive teaching in STEAM (Barana et al. 2019; Hardy et al., 2019).