Promote the development of digital skills in teachers. The strategic role of the Pedagogical Digital Competence Developer

Increasing the quality of learning and teaching by promoting a closer link with research is the main mission of the European Knowledge Area. After a first revolution that has affected the school, characterized by the introduction of distance learning, today we are witnessing an ambitious challenge concerning the implementation of digital skills in teacher training. There are already many actions promoted in this direction that call for a renewal of university teaching practices to allow the development of competitive knowledge, capable of a critical and conscious use of ICT. The contribution, starting from these solicitations, intends to explore the hypothesis of introducing the figure of the Pedagogical Digital Competence Developer in the initial training of teachers, who will have the task of involving the trainees in the process of developing pedagogically oriented digital skills, capable of combining the specific and the general, the subjective and the social, the technique and its educational purpose.