QToM. Construction and validation of a questionnaire for measuring skills related to the Theory of Mind


The theory of mind (ToM), which refers to the ability to attribute mental states such as beliefs, intentions, desires, emotions, and knowledge to oneself and others (Baron-Cohen, 1985), has sparked renewed interest in current pedagogical debate (Wang, 2015; Allen, 2013). Recent research has highlighted that high levels of ToM among students are associated with increased effectiveness in learning processes and student-teacher interactions (Bak, 2015; Valle, 2016; Hoffman, 2016). This contribution outlines the process of constructing and validating a questionnaire, involving 166 students, enrolled in courses such as Experimental Pedagogy, Research Methodology in Education and Design, documentation and assessment in early childhood at the University of Palermo. The questionnaire aims to measure ToM abilities among university students. The current version comprises 33 items organized into four domains related to ToM: cooperation, mentalization, empathy, and self-regulation.