Quality Assurance in the Higher Education in Arts, Music and Dance (AFAM) in Italy: Development and Implementation

Establishing a common framework for quality assurance (QA) in Europe is a pillar of the Bologna Process to strengthen the quality of teaching and learning in higher education (HE). QA rules have been implemented in Italy with diverse structures and timeframes between Universities and Higher Education Institutions in the Arts, Music, and Dance (AFAM). Due to a lack of comprehensive legislation, the latter is still in its infancy. Moreover, comprehensive data about the quality of HE in the Arts are necessary. Multiple tools/guidelines have been published to support the implementation of QA procedures in the arts in Europe, but structured scholarly research on QA policies and procedures for Italian arts programs is lacking. This article aims to establish the groundwork for addressing this literature gap. The major phases and challenges associated with the implementation of such a system are explored and recommendations for future development are provided.