School time as a means to support innovation processes. First results of a survey on the schools of the Avanguardie educative Movement


The school is made by a variety of times: the time of learning, the time of teaching, the time of the curriculum, the authentic time of learning, the times of differentiated teaching, but also the time of the school calendar and the canonical time of the minutes allotted to the class hour. Time can act as a pedagogical device that supports the teaching action of the teacher, a complex resource that can take on multiple educational values. Time flexibility represents one of the dimensions of organizational and educational innovation within the Avanguardie educative, a Movement for Innovation founded by Indire in 2014 and currently composed of 1517 schools of all levels. The paper presents a summary of the results of a survey conducted on the ways of organizing time adopted by Avanguardie educative schools. The survey was based on a semi-structured questionnaire that was administered to all members in the Avanguardie educative database.