Serious Games for Cultural Awareness and lifelong learning

The serious game (SG) underlies the concept of edutainment, a type of game that aims to educate by entertaining. The effectiveness of such a tool is especially revealed when applied to the museum environment as promoting innovative forms of entertainment helps to attract new categories of users, also being suitable, due to its ductile nature, to deal with different themes, including cultural heritage awareness (Cao et al., 2009; Bellotti et al., 2012; Froschauer et al., 2011, 2013; Tanguy, 2013) and historical reconstruction (Christopoulos et al., 2009; Doulamis et al., 2011). In the article, some serious games implemented in the Italian museum framework are introduced, which are considered informal learning (Rowe et al. 2017) and public engagement (Viola, 2018) contexts aimed at reviving and enhancing the museum experience as a learning and training experience.