Situated Learning and Serious Games

The spread of technologies, of the growing human-machine interaction, of the culture of simulation and, in particular, of video games has led to the definition of a new anthropological model, the Homo Game, in which the playful dimension, increasingly linked to the technological one, has become pervasive, erasing the boundaries between free time, work and learning spaces. The contribution, through application examples, intends to highlight how the Serious Games convey a situated learning, linked to a specific situation and based on experience. This learning is stimulated by the playful component capable of strongly influencing the motivation of the user, who puts in place knowledge, skills, expectations. Located learning implies, as a matter of fact, an active but guided participation, since this type of game responds to a precise design where nothing is left to chance; It is, indeed, an architecture developed by numerous experts in which the sequences are arranged in an order of increasing difficulty in relation to precise objectives.