Social inclusion and empowerment of the migrant population. The Listening, Orientation and Support Desk of Casa Sankara in Capitanata (Apulia - Italy)


The Listening, Orientation, and Support Desk is a socio-educational service aimed at promoting social inclusion and employment integration for Sub-Saharan migrants hosted at Casa Sankara. Casa Sankara is established in the Foggia region ten years ago, initiated by a small group of African migrants, with the support of the Puglia Region, that actually accommodates over 400 African migrants. The Desk was initiated at the end of 2021 as part of a broader project by the Puglia Region, funded through the P.I.U.Su.Pr.Eme. program (Individualized Paths for Exiting Exploitation). Over two years of activity, an initial profiling of Casa Sankara's guests has been conducted. This essay aims to share the analysis report of the collected data, the dimensions of socio-educational research and intervention that have emerged, also with the purpose of guiding subsequent project hypotheses.