Soft skills and serious games in remote work environments: a survey of SaaS digital entrepreneurs

The central role of Serious Games (SG) in the development of soft skills, of the worker's personal competences, prompts pedagogical reflection. In fact, if on the one hand their presence is propaedeutic to better performance in work roles, on the other hand one cannot ignore the formative scope for people at work and, therefore, the real path of growth. The above takes on further weight if we refer to digital entrepreneurs, who are engaged in remote work both personally and from an almost organizational point of view. Out of a sample of interviewees, all operating in the SaaS (Software as a Service) sector, almost all of them offer interesting insights, autobiographical and otherwise, on the effectiveness of SG for team-building and collaboration/cooperation in tackling challenges and problems. In parallel, practical sense, problem solving and strategic planning, memory, adaptability, coordination and focus are just some of the "soft skills" developed through the SG.