Specific learning disorders and attachment models: new perspectives

The paper aims to investigate the relationship between learning processes and attachment systems in an integrated and multidisciplinary perspective. In particular, the analysis will focus on the question, still not much debated in the scientific field, of the complex system of interrelationships existing between specific learning disorders and attachment models. Many studies in the psychological and pedagogical fields have shown how our ability to process and acquire information is influenced by the environmental stimuli received and by the complex of interpersonal experiences and relationships experienced during childhood. Specifically, attachment relationships seem to condition the emotional processes, mnemonic processes, representations and integrative functions of our brain. Studies relating to the field of epigenetics have also shown how genes and the environment can mutually interact, causing structural changes at both the genetic and neurobiological levels. On this line of thought it is hypothesized that the dysfunctional and traumatic dynamics of attachment are involved in the etiopathogenesis of Specific Learning Disorders, which would lead to a cognitive functional alteration.