STEM in small schools. Organizational and teaching practices


National and international research has been able to deepen important differences between stu-dents of small schools located in rural communities and students of metropolitan schools, with par-ticular reference to learning in STEM disciplines. The narrative review proposed in this contribu-tion emphasizes the factors that contribute to improving the STEM educational offer in small schools, including: the need to identify place-consciousness didactics, able to stimulate the interest of students and orient them with respect to interests and careers; attention to leadership practices, fundamental not only to support STEM activities that reconnect with the territory but to guarantee the development of skills and professionalization of teachers; the need to identify guide models for the design of STEM educational experiences in multi-class; The studies conducted in the national and international context allow us to identify some indications and practices to be shared with the small Italian schools. The contribution focuses on a good Italian practice of STEM teaching in multi-class, an instrumental case for the diffusion in the National Movement of small schools and for teacher training.