Stress of teachers: the transition to distance learning during the covid/19


In literature many studies have been investigated burnout on teachers (Johnson et al., 2005; Kyriacou, 2001) as an effect of stress linked to various negative consequences in relation to various factors (Bakker et al., 2004; Leiter et al., 2000; Wright et al., 1998). In the scientific field, research indicates that the burnout of teachers is the result of a damaging work tensions for those who do not possess adequate characteristic’s resources and the ability to successfully meet the professional demands imposed by the context working (Klusmann et al., 2008; Schwarzer et al., 2008). One trigger is certainly stress, which Lazarus (1966) placed in relation to coping ability. This study analyses the relationship among burnout, coping and resilience in a sample of teachers employed in primary elementary and middle school of a Comprehensive Institute of Lodi, during the transition from Teaching in Presence to Distance Teaching, due to the lockdown of COVID-19. The Institute has about 1000 and 400 members.