Supporting the accessibility of educational services 0-6: good practices to promote educational continuity between school and family


This paper aims to provide a reflection on accessibility and continuity in education as key elements in supporting Integrated System implementation processes, leveraging the support of interprofessional pathways and fostering family participation. International research, reports and national laws have highlighted how such aspects are crucial in fostering the breaking down of barriers and "bottom-up" activation. In the research-training conducted by the Bologna ECEC group, it has emerged how authentic opportunities for the actors in the educational process to come together represent the first step for synergistic work, from a systemic and ecological perspective. Such experiences can serve as a reference model that takes into account educational/care goals, social-emotional development and the need to weave respectful relationships among adults. Accessibility and continuity are a fundamental premise for children's well-being and highlight how the services/school/family alliance is a complex dimension, to be built on a daily basis while respecting each other's needs.