Teacher training and use of ICT with students with autism


This paper presents the results of a survey conducted with a sample of teachers attending the specialization course for special education teachers of the University of Florence, with teaching experience with pupils with autism, who participated in the administration of a questionnaire developed by the University of Florence and the University of Granada. The objective of the study was to ascertain the preparation of postgraduate teachers regarding the use and types of ICT implemented, in order to increase teachers’ + planning and methodological-didactic competences, with particular reference to the construction of the IEP. For interpretation of the data collected, descriptive and inferential non-parametric analyses (U Mann-Whitney test) and calculation of the effect size (Cohen’s d) were applied. From the results it emerged that ICT is used above all for the development of cognitive and communication skills and autonomy, and to a lesser extent for socio-emotional and language skills.