Teacher training. Sense and coherence of a professional profile to be built between regulatory novelties and pedagogical challenges

Initial training has often changed and changed without a vision and objective that could meet contemporary challenges. In fact the quality of teacher training cannot be separated from the overall school policy of a country. If school does not become one of the basic concerns of national policy, teacher training will hardly achieve a fully adequate solution. Starting from the analysis of what is contained in Decree law 36/2022, later converted into Law - no. 79 - on 29 June 2022, the paper aims to reflect and discuss upon a model for the training of lower and secondary school teachers. Such a model should firstly be based upon the possession of pedagogical and didactic skills, as well as cultural and disciplinary ones, which would finally allow school staff to be adequately trained to play that role of active promoters of the country's development, compared to challenges retained unthinkable until recently.