Teaching as a second career: factors of choice and professional challenges. Results from a systematic literature review


Typically, individuals enter the teaching profession after completing a well-established pathway of academic qualification. Research illustrates that, nowadays, an increasing number of teachers join the classrooms after spending time in different career backgrounds and after working within a prior profession often unrelated to education. In this case, they are so-called Second-Career Teachers (SCTs). Around the world and in Italy as well, the phenomenon is growing, even if its extent is not clearly defined. A systematic literature review was conducted to describe and discuss the main dimensions of teaching as a second career.  A systematic search was conducted in 4 databases (Scopus, Web of Science, Eric, and PsycINFO) focusing on empirical studies published in the last 10 years. The paper presents the results about factors of choice and motivations toward teaching as a second career and challenges faced by SCTs during Initial Teacher Education and the induction phase.