The child's ePortfolio. Systematic observation and documentation in a digital environment for educational guidance in early childhood


Pedagogical documentation can be a continuous research activity that commits the educator to eschew the usual and taken for granted practices (Wien, 2011), directing him/her towards the path of listening and observation to collect data that testify to the children's progress so as to make their curiosity and aptitude for research and experimentation visible (Rinaldi, 2001, 2004). The contribution proposes the child's ePortfolio as a digital environment useful for this purpose (La Rocca, 2022), showing how it can be used both for the documentation of the child's development and for the construction of a path of reflection and orientation that can involve the child in an age-appropriate way (Law 107/2015). A multiple case study (Yin, 2005) will be presented in which some experiences of constructing a child's ePortfolio will be described.