The civic activism of elderly and young generations within the ecological challenge

This contribution aims to understand the new forms of “ecological citizenship” (LS, 211) practised by generational 'cohorts' within a society characterised by crisis and abrupt changes. The ecological challenge matches the intergenerational dimension, relating Gen Z (Twenge, 2018) and adults both responsibly living the earth (Mortari, 2020b). Between factors that have brought radical changes in values and action, the Covid-19 pandemic has ushered the consciousness that everything is connected, as well as the consequent need for care and protection strengthened by the intergenerational alliance (L. n. 1/2022, art.1). For these reasons, care is understood as a space-time stratified cultural act and the entire community participation where seniors and young collaborate to generate change, to heal fractures and to reinforce sustainability impact, here and now (ONU, 2015).