The interactive and digital box for study management: an innovative and inclusive teaching tool for students with Special Educational Needs


Knowing how to manage one's own study and the ability to acquire an effective study method are the basis for achieving educational success for each student, in particular for students with Special Educational Needs. The role of the teacher becomes fundamental in developing methodologies and tools aimed at, on the one hand, enhancing individual potential and, on the other, maximizing the different learning opportunities of pupils, in order to build inclusive learning environments and processes. This article proposes an interactive, digital and inclusive teaching tool, tested within a middle school. The study was carried out by monitoring sample classes over the entire three-year period in the period 2020-2023 and involved the application of quantitative observation method using grids filled by the special needs teachers. The results show that the interactive and digital box is a tool that promotes the management of individual study, increasing autonomy, a sense of responsibility and the competence to "learn to learn”, as well as reflecting on the importance that environmental factors in producing better educational and school systems with a view to well-being at school.