The interreligious experience of young Italian students during their study year abroad


The paper aims to present the experienced life values with a specific focus on the religiosity of some young Italian secondary school students who spent a year studying abroad. These data, which are drawn from a broader study entitled "Experienced life values after the study abroad experience. Aspects of interiority that change one's way of thinking and acting ", will be useful to reveal some issues that have arisen in returnees both on an emotional and for some of them on a spiritual level, as well as regarding expected social behaviours. This paper, according to other studies, confirms that intercultural education in the field of religious pluralism can no longer be structured only around knowledge or skills, but must be redefined in the light of biographical exchanges and the meeting of life values. In fact, religiosity or spirituality when embodied in the person involve intimate and existential aspects that can be acknowledged, defended and enhanced in coexistence.