The occupational health and safety in work-based learning system


The dual system work-based learning (WBL) allows the students to realize part of their formative curriculum in working contexts, turning the model of tied up learning to a single disciplines into a different model that recognizes the value of the informal and not formal learnings in terms of competences. Education and training are characterized more and more today by a strong and pervasive use of the technology that accelerates the communication’s times, the information’s management, the interaction and above all the elaboration process of new contents overcoming the dimensions space-time typically of a traditional education linked to a classical educational environment. Obviously, the training experience in working contexts requires a particular attention to the protection of the scholars health and safety, so that the acquisition of specific ability has to be assured for acting in aware and responsible way and at the same time the suitability of the external learning places to the scholastic circle must to be guaranteed.