The qualifying aspects of institutional self- assessment and school accountability


School evaluation aims at monitoring or improving the quality of the school as a whole. In order to guarantee the quality of the Education and Training system it is not enough to define and control the starting standards, but it is crucial to explain and verify the arrival standards. In such a manner, the concept of evaluation is closely related to the concept of autonomy. It is with autonomy that educational institutions respond to the different requests coming from the territorial context. This entails the need to report the results in a transparent manner, through the drafting of the Self-Assessment Report (RAV) and the Improvement Plan (PdM). The school accountability is a path aimed at identifying a strategic line, a problem solving process and planning, that the schools start up on the basis of identified priorities and goals. The social report is a document of accountability which intends to build an open and successful relationship with citizens and users, as part of a process of modernization of public administrations.