The “question of skills” for a new configuration of the human

The current debate on the skills (soft, life, socio-emotional,… ), further revitalized by the draft law n. 2372/22, can be read as an expression of the need to raise – again – the question about which are the traits that allow us to recognize the human, such that it is. Without pretending to exhaust the topic, but taking a position within the debate, the article aims at arguing on the basis of the reconstruction of the different declinations with which the literature (pedagogical and not) has interpreted the skills, in favor of the possibility of a further synthesis able to promote the person in his/her fullness. A further synthesis which on the one hand is able to answer to the challenges of rights, equity, coexistence, technology and digital launched by society to education, and on the other hand is also able to be the expression of that human which is native of the man – of each one as well as of all.