The Voice of Students with Specific Learning Disabilities in Two Italian Universities: Results of an Exploratory Study


Following the enactment of Law 170/2010, Italian universities have witnessed a substantial increase in the number of students with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs). This exploratory study employed a mixed-methods approach to assess the use and perceived effectiveness of various educational materials, assistive technologies, and general technologies, focusing particularly on the specific needs of Distance Education among SLDs at the Universities of Genoa and Modena and Reggio Emilia. The research comprised a survey with 65 participants and subsequent voluntary semi-structured interviews among these participants (6 interviewed). The findings of the study underscore the critical role of technology, the need for personalized support, and the urgent requirement for universities to develop more tailored and effective resources and solutions. These critical reflections could be useful for advancing the development of policies and practices aimed at enhancing the educational journey of students with SLDs in higher education.