The “voice” of the family in the IEP to draft the “life project”


This contribution examines the section dedicated to the family, present in the Individualized Educative Plan Document (PEI) introduced by the Ministerial law n.182 of November 29th, 2020.The importance of this opportunity offered to the family by PEI lies in the support and guidance that it provides for those parenting a child with a disability. This article illustrates the family's contribution to the knowledge regarding the child and the relationships that he forms. Moreover, it underlines the role of the school in supporting a family's vulnerability upon becoming aware of the child's disability and in guiding the family’s first steps toward managing a life project. The contribution also presents the results of interviews conducted with parents of children with atypical development at the pre-school level. This represents a reflection on the issue of school inclusion that outlines the aspects and problems that a family with a child with a disability may encounter in the developmental process of the child at school.