Thinking with hands. Building, playing, and narrating from an inclusive perspective

The intercultural education of teachers and the design of training courses from an inclusive perspective is an important issue in order to foster experiences of encountering difference and affirming the ethical principles of otherness and democratic dialogue within schools. In this context, it is necessary to investigate the personal and professional epistemologies that, more or less consciously, permeate teaching practices and activate processes that are conducive to inclusion. The contribution describes the laboratory application of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method as a reflexive pedagogical praxis in the master’s degree course in Organization and Management of Multicultural Educational Institutions (University of Catania). Teachers involved in the workshop experience were invited to design training interventions (workshops) aimed at students using the device of play and storytelling, with the intention of rethinking the categories in use and redesigning the field of intercultural approach in education. This serious play-inspired training practice aims to outline for teachers a setting for the acquisition/reconstruction of professional habits and skills expendable in teaching practice.