What kind of assessment for transversal competences in Vocational Education and Training?


Vocational Education and Training (VET) aims to prepare young students for the labor market by jointly promoting vocational and transversal competences. Some of the most transversal ones, such as the Citizenship Competence (Council of the European Union, 2018), are particularly important in educational contexts like VET that takes on many students at high risk of vulnerability (Zagardo, 2020). Based on the literature on transversal competences’ assessment, which recommends the adoption of a formative perspective and the use of a variety of assessment tools and approaches (Binkley et al., 2012; Curtis, 2010; Gibb, 2014; Kechagias, 2011), this paper illustrates the development and piloting of a Citizenship Competence assessment tool. The study involved n = 377 students from two training institutions in the Lombardy region.