What professional competencies to operate in ECEC. Educators, teachers, and coordinator's perceptions in Lazio region


ECEC was instituted by Law n.65 of 2017 in Italy to respond to the European and National political and educational debate. This step marks a crucial moment for the early and secondary childhood education sector and for the definition of specific training paths for education professionals. One of the strategic elements is the initial and in-service training of educators, teachers, and coordinators who co-construct and guarantee the quality of educational services (European Commission, 2014; CoRe, 2011). This paper aims to present the first data collected through in-depth interviews with educators, teachers, and coordinators in service for at least five years in the Lazio Region. The survey explores the professional skills required to overcome the dual system 0-6 in terms of practices, perception, awareness, and the critical aspects of the reform.