When my child is AI. Learning and experiencing through AI outside the school: the experiences of a community AI


We present the case study of a project funded by the Italian Ministry of Culture in which the partners were selected to experiment an urban regeneration process using AI and Big Data, together with art and design. A consortium was formed to introduce IAQOS, an experience in community AI which was connected to the local primary school and to the multicultural nature of the Torpignattara neighbourhood in Rome. The multiple art-driven manifestations of the AI in the neighbourhood, together with the many social rituals to which its presence was connected, allowed it to create multiple transcultural, transgenerational opportunities for learning and exploring the many implications  of AI in our daily lives, across the territory, in public space. The article describes the background of the project, through the previous experience of the research center with the other queer community AI in 2007, Angel_f, the methodology, the scenarios and the lessons learned.

Salvatore Iaconesi, Oriana Persico

  • Salvatore Iaconesi è un ingegnere robotico, artista, hacker; Oriana Persico è una cyber-ecologista, esperta di comunicazione e inclusione digitale
  • Centro di ricerca HER: She Loves Data