About bullying and cyberbullying: an exploratory research at school


Although, on the one hand, advances in all fields of knowledge have improved people’s lives, however, the current era of hyper-complexity is not exempt from numerous problems, some of which affect teenagers, children and, consequently, even adults in their different roles and responsibilities. Among those, there are cases of aggression referred to bullying and cyberbullying that, despite various interventions realized since decades, are increasing, with significant impact on well-being of people involved (UNICEF, 2023). To tackle and prevent bullying and cyberbullying it is needed to plan pedagogical and educational strategies based on synergies and approaches aimed at implementing networks between all the persons and institutions, thus also involving adults (Aleandri, 2008; 2017). In this article we report exploratory research carried out with students, parents, teachers and administrative and technical staff of a Comprehensive Institute in the province of Rome.