Authentic assessment for s with disabilities through inclusive learning units


Assessment of learning is an indispensable part of any deliberate educational activity. This also applies in the case of disabilities. For this reason, it is important to stress that every, even those with severe disabilities, and their families have the right to be assessed according to the results of the educational and didactic activities undertaken in the school.  Curricular courses are preceded, accompanied and followed by assessment. It has a formative function, accompanying the learning process and stimulating continuous improvement, as stated in the curriculum guidelines. It has as its objective the learning process, behaviour and academic performance. The assessment is carried out on the basis of the individual education plan, in which the educational activities for the disabled pupil are specified. For these s, assessment is closely linked to the individual pathway and aims to highlight the student’s progress. The aim of this paper is to show how an assessment of competences can be inclusive 'for all and for each' through inclusive learning units.